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Cabinet Refinishers  Jan 3 2020

How Will My Painted Cabinets Look and Feel?


“Will it look like a factory finish?”, everyone asks.

If you don’t want to read on, the short answer is yes.

As you can imagine, there’s lots of advantages to painting cabinets in a climate controlled environment where you have complete control over almost everything. We do everything we can to create that exact situation when we’re painting your doors and drawers at our shop. The only added hurdle we face is that we have to paint over what was already on your cabinets. Most of the time we can easily minimize it with some degreaser and TSP before we start priming.

After primer and a couple coats of paint, we love the way our finish looks. Below are some close-up photos I took in the shop yesterday to try to show what a beautiful, smooth, rich finish we deliver to homes just like yours.


Because we paint the cabinet box frames by hand (mostly using a very smooth roller), that finish is not quite as “factory”, but we also don’t need to cordon off your kitchen like a crime scene for a week while we spray. You never lose the use of your kitchen while we’re painting. If you take a look at your cabinets, they are about 95% door and drawer and only a sliver of frame hidden in the shadows.

Will this paint job last?

This is probably the second most popular question we hear. The answer is not simple, because it depends on how rough you are with your cabinets. Cabinet paint dries harder than other paints, but it takes at least 30 days to reach that hardness. If you are careful and make sure to use the pulls and knobs (especially during the first month or two) then this paint job will last as long as any factory finish.

Doors that are in rough shape

One of the biggest surprises homeowners face when we return to install their doors is that the dings, nicks, dents and cracks that went unnoticed for the past 10 years in the dark shadows of their doors, are suddenly very noticeable in white doors that you’re looking at from 3 inches away. Although we explain to every potential customer that we don’t repair doors, we actually do spend some time fixing many of the problem areas without it becoming a full on door restoration project. We can’t “fix” the natural properties of wood though. For example, oak grain will always be grainy.

Our Advantage

There are lots of good painters in the area. There are even a handful of painters that specialize in painting cabinets. The process that we’ve developed has the best aspects of all the cabinet painting solutions.

SPEED:. You have your newly painted cabinets in about 1 week.

CONVENIENCE: You don’t lose the use of your kitchen.

HEALTHY: Your home won’t stink from oil paints. We only use low voc latex cabinet paint.

QUALITY: Your doors and drawers are sprayed in a controlled environment ensuring a factory finish.

LOCAL: You are helping support a local Atlanta, GA business. You’ll always know the schedule.We give you a schedule and stick to it. You’ll never have to wonder when we’ll be back. You can find out the cost to paint your cabinets by counting up the number of doors and drawers you have in your kitchen and filling out this one field form. You don’t even have to submit your email or phone number, you simply get a ballpark quote to see if it makes sense to continue.