Flat Panel Cabinet Door

Flat Panel Mitered Door (Plywood Center)

We offer simplicity and elegance in our Flat Panel Mitered Door with a recessed, square center made of plywood. This finished cabinet door works great in kitchens where style is based on uncomplicated but timeless designs. Our team encourages DIY work made easy, which is why we supply the cabinet doors you need to add the finishing touches to your home! The mitered joint design gives contemporary spaces a touch of warmth and tradition, without pushing your kitchen into a different era. For these reasons, the Flat Panel Miltered Door is the perfect choice for the average homeowner who wants to upgrade their kitchen without losing its homey attributes. This door design comes in three types of wood, so you can choose a style that will perfectly match the rest of your kitchen's color scheme and create an attractive space that you can be proud of showing off.

Flat Panel Square Cabinet Door

Flat Panel Square Door (Plywood Center)

The Flat Panel Square Door is a cabinet door with a recessed plywood center and mortise-and-tenon style joints. This wooden door is available in Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry, and can seamlessly match a variety of kitchens. You're only one step away from acquiring the kitchen cabinets you've always wanted! We know that sometimes it's the smallest details that can help to pull a design together, and the Flat Panel Square Door is a great way to finish your home renovation project. This door utilizes traditionally straight lines and edges, and looks fantastic in rustic or country themed kitchens. If you are looking for a cabinet door that is attractive but won't overpower the other decorations in your kitchen, this could be the perfect door for you! Whether you're looking to create a more spacious and clean atmosphere with lighter colored woods, or use darker options to add richness to your home, the Flat Panel Square Door can really help bring it all together.

Providence Cabinet Door

Providence Door

The Providence Door is a fantastic addition to kitchens that need bold, dignified details. This door features a raised rectangular center that is outlined to give you a sense of depth that your kitchen may otherwise be lacking. Even smaller kitchens can benefit from the charming spatial effects that the Providence door offers. As a finished wooden cabinet door, the Providence just needs to be attached to the rest of your cabinets for a fresh new upgrade! This door is one of the most popular for its sleek beauty, and we offer this product in one of three different wood species to fit your home. Changing the style of your kitchen or wrapping up a remodeling project is easier than ever. Selecting hidden hinges to be shipped with the door can complete the stately look of the Providence without interrupting the clean lines and craftsmanship.

Raised Panel Eyebrow Cabinet Door

Raised Panel Eyebrow Door

The Raised Panel Eyebrow Door is a finished wooden door featuring a central raised square with an arched top. The Eyebrow style for cabinet doors is a popular choice for all kinds of homeowners with different types of kitchens, as this style can add smooth but subtle elegance to just about any design. If you're looking for a finishing touch that adds soft curves and a more traditional influence to your space, the Raised Panel Eyebrow Door may be the door for you! This product is from our collection of finished wooden doors, and is ready to be attached to your existing cabinets as soon as it arrives at your home! By taking advantage of our hidden European hinges, installation is easy and all necessary hardware is included in your order. We are proud to supply DIY homeowners with high quality products and the benefit of full customization. Transforming your kitchen has never been easier!

Raised Panel Square Cabinet Door

Raised Panel Square Door

The Raised Panel Square Door is a simple but ever-popular style that is similar to our Providence door, but more modest. The versatility that our customers have found in the Raised Panel door has helped allow many homeowners to finish their DIY home improvements with confidence. Darker woods make the Raised Panel Square Door a great addition to warm and cozy kitchens, while lighter woods can help emphasize a bright, clean atmosphere. We offer this cabinet door in three types of wood and supply various other preference options in order to give you the power of customization! We do all of the hard work for you! All you have to do is pick the door of your dreams and supply your custom measurements, and we'll begin working to create and deliver you beautiful, well-crafted products. In no time, our Raised Panel Square Door will be at your location and ready to give your home a brand new look.

Shaker Beadboard Cabinet Door

Shaker Beadboard Door

The Shaker Beadboard finished door is a charming and timeless design. The recessed square center panel is decorated by vertical beading, and the intention of this door is to add grace and neatness to your kitchen. The design of the Shaker Beadboard Door enables it to look bold and beautiful in a variety of homes. If your kitchen needs a classical touch without sacrificing warmth, or you want to transform your space to feel more like a welcoming cottage, this door might just be the perfect one for you! Our finished wooden doors are guaranteed in their quality and design. No matter the measurements, we take the time to ensure that the products you receive are always up to par. Do-it-yourself work is a lot easier when you know that the customized cabinet doors you choose are made by a company that cares. The Shaker Beadboard Door is available in Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry.

Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Door

The finished Shaker Door is a great option for those looking to create a comfortable and homey space. This door consists of a simple square frame over a flat panel, and is the prime example of how even small changes can make big differences! Installing our doors in your home is an effective way to make significant stylistic changes in your kitchen without having to dedicate an extensive budget to the project. The Shaker Door is easy to install, and can bring the loveliness of traditional craftsmanship into any home. Whether your kitchen adheres strictly to modest and simplistic design, or is a cozy area filled with personality and decorative touches, the Shaker Door can either finish the look or add some much needed contrast. Do-it-yourself work isn't something any homeowner should fear. We deliver highly customized products at great prices, so you can make the changes you want without all the stress!

Cathedral MDF Cabinet Door

Cathedral MDF Door

This is a cabinet door with a single raised, arched panel in the distinctive cathedral style. Cathedral doors have a stately appeal that benefits several types of sophisticated kitchen designs. Light colored paint creates an airy elegance throughout your kitchen, whereas darker paints and marble accents nearby will contribute to a more traditional and rich atmosphere. These cabinets also compliment high ceilings and have a very classic appeal. At Kitchen Cabinet Doors, our aim is to provide you with an easy and affordable way to make a big difference in your kitchen. Our Cathedral cabinet doors are expertly crafted and can be a beautiful addition to your home, but these medium density fiberboard products only cost a fraction of the price as 100% wood.

Eyebrow MDF Door

Eyebrow MDF Door

This cabinet door showcases a classically raised, arched panel. The Eyebrow door has a single, subtle bowed arch that can be interpreted as either traditional or contemporary depending on the rest of your kitchen's design, making it a versatile choice that is great for many types of home styles. At Kitchen Cabinet Doors, we make installation of our medium density fiberboard a snap to complete. Likewise, we offer services such as routing holes for European hinges and sending you the hardware along with your product, preparing your Eyebrow doors with primer, or providing frames or mullion doors for a small fee. DIY kitchen projects have never been easier, and after simply measuring the cabinet space you need your door to cover and submitting your order, your Eyebrow-style doors will be on their way. Installing your professionally-made cabinet doors will help transform your kitchen into an inviting space for friends and family.

Mission MDF Cabinet Door

Mission MDF Door

Our Mission kitchen cabinet doors have two parallel recessed rectangular panels in the center. The Mission style is similar to that of the Shaker aesthetics in that simplicity is key, and decorative touches were generally minimal and angled. Natural wood colors, earth tones, and warm light fixtures can complete a Mission style kitchen by creating a truly inviting and charming space. Although our Mission doors are not eligible for glass insert preparation, our team would be glad to fully prime your door, or prepare it for hidden European hinges (which will be shipped with your order) for just a few dollars extra per door. By doing so, when your order arrives at your home you can relax knowing that all of the hard work is already done. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, Kitchen Cabinet Doors is the best place to acquire quality MDF doors at an unbeatable price.

Shaker Bead-Bd MDF Cabinet Door

Shaker Bead-Bd MDF Door

The Shaker Beadboard is a cabinet door featuring a recessed center panel with decorative vertical notches. This center panel is the beadboard, which is a milled piece with expertly crafted grooves. The Shaker Beadboard design suits traditionally-styled kitchens best; especially farmhouse themed layouts. Dark paint can give the Shaker Beadboard a rich and rustic look, while lighter colors can help create a more transitional feel where tradition meets elegance. As always, our MDF cabinet doors are custom-made to fit your kitchen, and are designed with ease of installment as one of our main objectives. The Shaker Beadboard door is perfect for homeowners looking for clean but decorative solutions that do not require time consuming and labor-intensive efforts to install. For an extra $8.00 per door, you can receive hidden hinges with your order that won't intervene with the flawless look of your Beadboard. One of the easiest and most visually rewarding remodeling projects a homeowner can take on is upgrading their kitchen cabinet doors, and with the help of our team, you can make your dream kitchen a reality.

Shaker MDF Cabinet Door

Shaker MDF Door

Our Shaker option is a simple cabinet door with a recessed center panel. This type of cabinet door fits in perfectly with other Shaker-styled furniture and pieces, but despite the modest history surrounding Shaker aesthetics, it also works well in modern designs. The Shaker door can add refreshing contrast to other aspects of a kitchen that are busy or patterned, creating a charming sense of balance in your home. You even have the option of our team further preparing your doors for beautiful installation by routing holes for hidden European hinges, priming your doors for paint, and/or create frames or mullion doors for glass panel inserts. Our doors are custom made to a 16th of an inch to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project is as effortless as possible, and that you are fully satisfied with the final product. The Shaker's medium density fiberboard is sturdy and natural-looking, but can easily fit within the restraints of any budget.

Slab Cabinet Door

Slab Cabinet Door

A cabinet door with a bare face, perfect for various types of kitchen designs. In particular the Slab door lends itself to contemporary styles, which often utilize smooth, clean surfaces with an emphasis on angles or balance. This is one such cabinet door for which lighting and color scheme will make all the difference, and give your kitchen a life of its own. When it comes to the Slab door, your choice of paint is what will really make this product look beautiful in your home. Our team offers professional priming for only $8.00, so that when you receive your doors, they are already prepared for your finishing touches. We can even supply you with routed holes and hardware to equip your door with European hidden hinges for the same price. Installation is easy and stress-free, and the medium-density fiberboard these doors are made of look just as natural as 100% wood. By submitting an order, we can provide you with Slab doors of your exact required measurements and help you take the first step to rejuvenating your home.

Square Cabinet Door

Square Cabinet Door

The Square door is a cabinet door with a traditional, raised rectangular center. The Square style is one of the most popular types of cabinet doors available because it is attractive without being too decorative, and compliments other aspects of your kitchen without stealing the show. Other than being a diplomatic design choice that can work in many different types of kitchens, the Square cabinet door is easy to install and can be primed, equipped with hidden hinges, or made ready for glass inserts by the Kitchen Cabinet team for small additional fees. When paired up with glass inserts, these Square cabinet doors undergo a transformation into a much more elegant design. If surrounded by the right furniture and fixtures, your cabinets can help create an expensive-looking space without having to break the bank.

Flat Panel With Cathedral Cabinet Door

Flat Panel With Cathedral Cabinet Door

The elegant design of this unfinished flat panel with cathedral cabinet door makes it a perfect replacement for your worn kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom cabinet doors. This door features a flat panel with a curve-shaped arch in the top rail.


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