Feeling that your cabinets are outdated or have lost their charm? Whether they've faced wear and tear, faded over time, or you're simply craving a refreshed appearance, cabinet resurfacing is an elegant and budget-friendly solution compared to entirely new setups or re-facing. At Urban Fresh, our design and paint specialists breathe new life into your existing cabinets, ensuring you receive the premium finish you desire without straining your wallet.

Why invest heavily in brand new cabinets when our expert refinishing can make them shine like they're brand new, and at just a fraction of the cost? We stand behind our work with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, promising no corners are cut. Our adept painters meticulously sand, rectify any blemishes, prime, paint, and add any desired finishes to your cabinets. We value our reputation, ensuring every project we undertake reflects our high standards.

Our unique approach is adapted to the specific age and wood type of your cabinets. We are diligent, precise, and comprehensive, ensuring enduring outcomes. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and methods honed over a quarter-century, we assure unparalleled craftsmanship. Our comprehensive process involves careful removal, rigorous cleaning, expert refinishing, and reinstallation, delivering a renewed appearance minus the inconvenience.

Settling for mediocre cabinets is a thing of the past. Our team is fervently dedicated to revamping your cabinets and augmenting your home's allure. With our cost-effective offerings, achieving spectacular results has never been so attainable. Book a consultation with us today and discern the transformative potential of our top-tier cabinet refinishing. Let us elevate your living spaces to their rightful splendor.


Drywall Repair Canton

Cabinet Color Change

You will love the result of this transformation. Make them look new again.

Drywall Repair Canton

Kitchen Cabinets

Dated cabinets give a kitchen a certain look and feel that many people want to update.

Canton Pressure Washing

Bathroom Cabinets

Transform the look and feel of your kitchen without the huge hassle. New looking bathroom.