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Wondering if your cabinets are suitable for resurfacing? More often than not, they are—with a few exceptions. Our informative video below outlines everything you need to know about the ideal candidates for cabinet resurfacing.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

Refurbishing a kitchen can be a daunting task. However, resurfacing cabinets simplifies the process, offering numerous advantages over installing brand new cabinetry.

What Does Cabinet Resurfacing Entail?

Discover the array of benefits and customizable options that come with a resurfaced kitchen by Urban Fresh Kitchen and Bath Services. From robust reinforcement of your existing frames to the selection of materials and finishing touches, we make your kitchen feel brand new without the hefty price tag of remodeling.

Why Choose Cabinet Resurfacing?

Here are some compelling reasons to consider cabinet resurfacing:

You're aiming for a fresh look while retaining the original layout, or a complete remodel is out of budget.

Your existing cabinets are aging or nearing the end of their functional lifespan.

Your current storage solutions fall short, necessitating awkward maneuvers to access essential tools and appliances. Resurfacing can introduce enhancements like pull-outs and drawers to cater to your needs.

Material and Installation Options

With Urban Fresh Kitchen and Bath Services, you're presented with two primary material choices for cabinet resurfacing, along with the freedom to incorporate additional features:

Wood: Our furniture-grade wood offers a classic aesthetic and proven durability for an elegant kitchen makeover.

Laminate: A low-maintenance and cost-effective alternative to real wood with an extensive array of finishes.

Additional features: Modify your existing cabinetry by elevating height, integrating an island or extra cabinets, opting for storage upgrades, and more.

Collaborate with Urban Fresh Kitchen and Bath Services

Looking for cabinet resurfacing services? Look no further than Urban Fresh Kitchen and Bath Services. Whether you're aiming to uplift your kitchen’s aesthetics or need functional cabinet modifications, no project is too big or small for us. With a track record of successfully installed and renovated kitchens, we guarantee client satisfaction. Our services are backed by a Lifetime of Home Ownership Warranty for your peace of mind.

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