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Discover the affordable and high-quality solution of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing. It offers a cost-effective alternative to Cabinet Refacing or Cabinet Replacement, providing you with a fresh look and top-notch cabinet restoration. Compared to the expense of replacing cabinets entirely, refinishing cabinets costs only a fraction. Whether you opt for refacing, resurfacing, or refinishing, these options are much more budget-friendly while still giving you the opportunity to achieve a new kitchen appearance. Particularly if you're satisfied with your kitchen's current layout, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing allows for a transformative upgrade without the hefty price tag of new cabinets.

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Enhance the look of your kitchen affordably and stylishly by replacing your kitchen door and drawer faces. This smart solution offers a whole new look without breaking the bank. Refinishing cabinets with paint and replacing the doors and drawer faces completely provide not only a fresh appearance but also added value to your kitchen. If you're seeking high-quality, top-of-the-line options for door replacements, consider the elegant and light tones of bleached oak. Additionally, eco-friendly alternatives like oak or ash-based drawer panels with a durable, weather-resistant finish can further elevate your kitchen's appeal.

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Discover the exceptional quality and extensive selection of kitchen cabinet doors and drawer faces at Urban Fresh. Our offerings are perfect for refacing cabinets in bathrooms and other rooms, offering you versatility and style. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing the best prices for replacement American-made cabinet doors. When it comes to affordability, Horizon stands out as the only online site offering substantial discounts on our most popular kitchen cabinet door styles. Explore our vast collection of replacement cabinet door styles and benefit from our industry-leading prices.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing


Explore our extensive range of paint-grade, custom-made kitchen cabinet doors, available in various styles such as base plate, inset panels, including the highly sought-after Shaker cabinet doors, arched top, raised panel, and beadboard door lines. This informative tutorial guides you through the process of giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift by replacing the cabinet doors and applying a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, we provide a dedicated post on when and how to prime cabinets and furniture before painting, ensuring a flawless finish.

Looking for new cabinet doors? No problem, we have many styles to choose from. Give your kitchen a new look with cabinet resurfacing.

Cabinet Redooring


Experience the versatility of our doors, which can be customized to fit almost any cabinet size, ensuring you'll find a style that perfectly matches your needs. By installing cabinet doors without replacing the entire cabinet system, you can easily and cost-effectively give your space a much-needed facelift. Consider the potential cost of replacing the entire cabinets—standard or semi-custom styles typically range from $3,200 to $8,500 in material and installation costs, while custom versions can go as high as $12,500 to $18,100. Save money without compromising quality by choosing our premium custom cupboard doors at Urban Fresh Services.


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